Month: December 2009

Seeing Beneath Greatness

In a couple hours my son and I are going to see the Chosen One: Mr. LeBron Raymone James, live and in person, on his 25th birthday (Cleveland Cavaliers versus Atlanta Hawks). We’ll be sitting in the rafters, but we’re excited to see Him in action. After all, it isn’t often you get to see …

Lighting Fires

Check out the above photograph from the Kenyan town of Iten, just sent to me by Dr. Randy Wilber, a senior sport physiologist at the U.S. Olympic Committee Performance Lab. In it, two elite Kenyan runners trailed by a little kid who’s running to school.  It’s a tiny moment, and yet one that helps explain why …

The Talent of Creativity

My older brother Maurice has a talent for creativity. I could list dozens of of examples, but you should just click this: Men_R_Dogs It combines suggestive personal ads (complete with misspellings) and puppy photos. It’s pee-your-pants funny. And he churns out this kind of stuff all the time.
Most of us think of creativity as a kind …

Greatest Teachers: Who Would You Choose?

If you could gather six of the planet’s best teachers in one place for three days, who would you choose?
Would you pick:

Rafe Esquith, who teaches Los Angeles inner-city fifth-graders to perform Shakespeare?
Hans Jensen, the world’s best cello teacher?
Michael Sandel, whose Harvard class is so life-changing it was just turned into a public-television special?
How about Idan Ravin, …

The (Hidden) Genius of Editing