Month: June 2010

Boosting Innovation Velocity

So here’s my problem: my innovation velocity varies too much. Way too much.
When it’s up, it’s way up – lots of fresh ideas arriving and connecting, leading to new projects, articles, even books. When it’s down, it’s pretty flat. If you were to draw a chart of my generation of good ideas over a given …

3 Principles of Goofing Around

I heard a couple good stories the other day about the value of daydreaming, playing, fiddling, futzing, noodling, tinkering – that age-old, hugely underrated activity known as goofing around.
Story #1 takes place in the seventies, at an international ski race in Austria. The world’s best racers are all training on a course that possesses a …

Rules of Ignition

Beneath every big talent lies an ignition story – the famously potent moment when a young person falls helplessly in love with their future passion.
For Albert Einstein, that moment happened when his father brought him a compass. As Walter Isaacson wrote in Einstein: His Life and Universe:
Einstein later recalled being so excited as he examined its …