Month: January 2011

Stealing Talent: A Pickpocket’s Guide

Of all the strange and surprising patterns of talent distribution, few are stranger or more surprising than the phenomenon called the Michael Jackson Law. This is the rule that the most talented performer in a family musical group will be among the youngest children.

The most talented Bee-Gee? Andy, the youngest.
The most talented Jonas brother? Nick, …

Have You Had Your Vitamin S Today?

Got Passion? The Quiz

What’s life’s single most important question?
There are many perfectly worthy ones — questions about family, relationships, work, love — but when it comes to charting our futures, one question rises above the rest.
What’s your passion?
Yes, it’s a cliche. But it also happens to be irrefutably true. Passion — that primal, unreasoning, uncontrollable enthusiasm that links …