Month: November 2011

A Field Guide to Avoiding Toxic Teachers/Coaches

What’s Your Gadget?

For the past couple weeks, my wife Jen has been asking me if I’m going to write about the goggles. She’s asked enough about the goggles, in fact, that it’s become a running joke in our house. It’s gotten to the point that if you simply blurt out the word “goggles” at unexpected times, you …

Tip: When to Think (and When Not To)

A Word of Coaching Advice: Talk Less, Matter More

Take one second and think about the best teacher, coach, or mentor you ever had.
Now come up with one memory of them, fast.
(Got it?)
What’s your memory? Is it something your coach/teacher/mentor said? Something they did?
Perhaps what you remembered wasn’t anything particular they said or did, but just their face — specifically their eyes, and how …

Genes are Overrated

Most everybody can roll their tongue in a tube. But have you ever tried the cloverleaf? It’s hard. Super hard, in fact. When you first try it, you flounder around and can’t even come close.
Back when I was in fifth grade and again when I was in college biology class, my teachers informed me that tongue-rolling, …