Month: December 2011

The Uses of Enchantment

I recently bumped into a wonderful book called The Game, by Ken Dryden, a Hall of Fame NHL goalie and uncommonly thoughtful writer. On the surface, it’s about sports, but underneath it’s about learning — specifically, the special moments when it begins to accelerate. At one point, Dryden is reflecting on the skills of the …

How to Fail Smarter: The Goldilocks Rule

The 1-Second Method

Just before every performance, whether it’s in sports, music, or in the workplace, there’s a quiet moment just before the action starts. It’s the deep breath before the leap, the moment when all the preparation is finished, and you’re waiting to start, and there’s nothing on earth you can do.
Or is there?
According to some fascinating …

The New Way to Identify Talent: The G Factor

So I recently returned from a London sports-science conference where the discussion revolved around the mystery of talent identification. All over the world, in everything from academics to sports to music, millions of dollars and thousands of hours are being spent on singling out high-potential performers early on. And the plain truth is, most of …