Month: January 2012

How Great Coaches Think

One of the most persistent myths about great coaches — who are, of course, interchangeable with great teachers and great leaders — is that their primary job is to come up with Big Ideas. You know, those creative, last-minute, improvised bursts of genius that change everything: the revolutionary strategy, the brilliant 11th-hour gambit, the heart-lifting pregame …

The 3 Levels of Effective Practice

I’m always on the lookout for new ways to understand highly effective practice, and recently came across a keeper from Vern Gambetta, the well-known coach and athletic consultant. It’s called “winning the workout.” (Here’s a short video describing it.)
At its core is the idea that there are three essential ways of approaching a practice session.

Level …

Choices, Choices

A late Christmas present just arrived! I’m psyched because I just got the first cover design for my new book, The Little Book of Talent, that’ll come out in September.  Actually, two designs.
The question is, which to pick? That’s where you excellent people come in.
FYI, the book will be pretty little — it’ll measure 7 …

Is This Great, Or is it Creepy?

Okay, I’ve been watching this video of this five-year-old kid, and I just can’t decide: is it amazing, or is it creepy?
(I’ll take a polite break while you watch.)
On one hand, the kid is totally amazing. So much control, discipline, balance, and ferocious focus. So much raw effort, so many hours spent practicing. If this …