Choices, Choices


A late Christmas present just arrived! I’m psyched because I just got the first cover design for my new book, The Little Book of Talent, that’ll come out in September.  Actually, two designs.

The question is, which to pick? That’s where you excellent people come in.

FYI, the book will be pretty little — it’ll measure 7 inches by 4.5 inches. It’ll be hardback, and it’ll have no jacket — just plain cloth. We’re aiming for a classic/timeless feeling, but we don’t want it to feel old-fashioned or fusty. In other words, not your grandpa’s little book.

First, we have choice A:

Then, option B:

Which do you like?

(In our family voting, there was a clear winner. I’ll tell you which in a little while, so as not to skew the voting process.)

Here’s the update as of Monday January 16:  A = 30 votes, B = 8 votes.

Our family’s vote was exactly the opposite — we preferred B, because the title seemed to “pop” more and because it seemed a tad less nostalgic, a little fresher.  But now you’ve got me thinking….

Thanks for all the great feedback; keep ’em coming!

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100 Responses to “Choices, Choices”

  1. Bob says:

    Dan, for me it really doesn’t matter. I’ll buy it on Kindle but if I wanted a hardcover I’d choose option A. I think the A cover better reflects the content. B to me looks like change for change sake.

  2. p maeda says:

    The second

  3. Julie Blum says:

    YOU are right. Choose the one where your title and name pop out.
    Of the two that would be B.

  4. Lara McGowan says:

    I vote for A…

  5. Mike Fumagalli says:

    I prefer option A. For what it is worth. Can’t wait.

  6. Alex Lim says:

    I like second too. But I’m not american. So I don’t think my taste is not universal thing but B looks like a notebook.

  7. Carie McGauley says:

    Colin (age 17)and I both say option B. It just looks sharper and more clean, in our opinion!

  8. Janet McNary says:

    Cover B. Just like it better!

  9. lewis says:

    Maybe option B would be better if the black was a little bigger all the way around. It is too close to your text. I’m going with A.

  10. Rob McClelland says:

    “A” it up!

  11. Peter says:

    I’d do B. I’m colorblind and like the sharp contrast.

  12. Blake says:

    Definitely option B

  13. pete says:

    B – More striking

  14. pete says:

    Actually; I like B for the black and red. I’d lose the gold sun. Cheesy look. Maybe a more neo-archaic font for the title?

  15. Jeanie fabich says:

    B. It jumps out at me. Crisp.
    Love it!

  16. Jon Harnum says:

    Hmm, I’d have to go with cover A. It feels more expansive and open, as though the information continues out beyond the cover (which it does, right?). The B option pops, yes, but it feels confined (just shy of cramped) and a bit boxy.

  17. Jon Harnum says:

    …but whichever you choose, I look forward to reading it!

  18. A: makes it feel like little big book.
    B: makes it feel like claustrofobic because the black rectangle is so close to the circle.

    A wins for me:)

  19. Kathy Pfundt says:

    A, for sales. More eye catching.

  20. Tim Pflanz says:

    I agree with your family and choose B because the title does seem to grab my attention.

  21. Brent says:

    I like cover “A”. Another option would be to use cover “A” and change the font color to black to make it “pop”. I will buy it regardless of the cover choice 🙂

  22. carol serra says:

    Asthetically I am immediately drawn to A. For me it looks sharper and conveys that smart, classic look you refer to wanting to captue.

  23. Gregg says:

    I Vote for B. I was surprised to see the vote was much higher for A. I think that B looks more studious and professional, and I agree that the title seems to Pop more.

  24. Jeremy G. says:

    Cover A is more balanced. You can relax and take in the title. Cover B funnels you in to the center, but says, “look at me!” rather than, A, which, to me facilitates the interested reader’s focus more.

  25. Leonard Stewart says:

    I like option B more. I agree the color combination is more vibrant, more robust, while option A seems a bit subdued. Nevertheless, the black rectangle appears “squeezed”-too narrow. I would like it more if it were wider, more propertionate relative to the entire cover.

  26. aj says:

    A is a cover I’d probably take more seriously. don’t kno why

  27. Jose says:

    I’d go with option A. While I also like option B, it just feels too cramped.

  28. Maeghan says:

    I like B !

  29. Tennis Tim says:

    Hi Dan,
    I couldent give a monkeys, i just want to let you know why I don’t care. I have taught tennis for 13+ years and the talent code has just changed how i think about everything and opened my eyes to what my coaching education should have been and where to take it….Thank you.
    Don’t care if it’s wraped in an old newspaper just get it out!!

  30. Melissa says:

    I like A. B feels a bit cramped. Congrats!

  31. djcoyle says:

    Thanks, Tim — that makes my day. (Now if I could only do something about my serve!) Best, Dan

  32. Option A, because it reminds me most of The Talent Code’s cover, i.e. it was clear to me the second I saw it that it’s your next book.

    I think Option B looks a little better, but the association of option A to The Talent Code is clearer, and I think that will help best with recognition (and, hopefully sales).

    Can’t wait !!

  33. Philip Simmonds says:

    B jumps right of the shelf and into my hands!

  34. Mauricio says:

    My favorite is B

  35. Tony Dyer says:

    I’m voting for A but the truth is both have their merits and drawbacks.

  36. akmckay says:

    Dan, I think option B is outstanding. Much stronger and eye-catching.

  37. Stuart Armstrong says:

    Hi Dan,

    I am in the I don’t care I just want it as fast as possible group!

    But I like the black and red it reminds me of those classic hardbacks that my grandfather had filled with great short stories.

    Very much looking forward to it!!

  38. Larry says:

    Choice is B. Classic light on black with a pop.

  39. Of course, the text, ’52 TIPS FOR IMPROVING SKILLS’, is a slightly different color in the two examples with B definitely seeming to stand out more. Additionally, the text in B looks slightly heavier, although not quite bold. trying the two designs with the same color and weight may give you a better insight to the impact of the black rectangle.

  40. Jon says:

    My eye physician (not optometrist)says I have extremely sensitive adjustment in my eyes. “B” draws my attention better but the downside is that with the black box the lettering and seal look smaller and squished into a smaller space, but it has a sharper look that draws the attention. “A” either has the illusion of larger print which is easier to read than “B” once I focus on it; however, the lettering on the gold seal on both is an adjustment because of the light color and sheen on gold. Again, “A” is easier to read because the print seems larger. Perhaps a darker color, font, or more bold on the seal lettering will make it easier to read without so much adjustment on “A”. If it was me, I would put a conceptual visual that encapsulates my book or system instead of a seal.

  41. Arek says:

    For me, “A” definitely. The simplicity of “A” is more elegant. My eye was able to take in all info on the cover easily and almost instantly. “B” isn’t bad, but it took longer for me to figure it out – the stark red and black feel like separate elements. B = “picture frame”, A = “little book”.

  42. Arek says:

    p.s… Keep the gold sticker. Love it.

  43. Nikkia says:

    I like B better.

  44. Aub says:

    A. The black spine is reminiscent of a traditional composition book. I’m guessing the black wraps around. The high contrast of the type on the spine will help it stand out on a shelf.

  45. Faith Powell says:

    A…and when can I buy it?

  46. djcoyle says:

    Hi Faith,
    Thanks for asking — pub date is August 21 …. hopefully you can buy it lots of places. There are still bookstores in existence, right? 🙂

  47. Marshall says:

    B. But it’s a close call.

  48. Hi Dan,

    Looking forward to your upcoming book. I still tell others about your book The Talent Code and our radio interviews together! I like B.

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