Month: February 2012

The Talent Builders

Two related news items from last week: Tom Martinez died, and Jeremy Lin kept succeeding.
1) Most people haven’t heard of Tom Martinez. The obituaries mention that he coached at a small school in California; he worked with a succession of quarterbacks who became great, most prominently Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. Martinez is …

Should Coaches and Teachers Have a PreFlight Checklist?

How to Spot High-Quality Learning? The Nose Knows.

The Senator Experiment

The other day I got a call out of the blue from a U.S. Senator (who’ll remain anonymous here), with an interesting problem: he wanted to get better at his job. Quick background: he’s in his mid-fifties, and not a career politician; he’s not in danger of being defeated in an election, so he figures …

The 50-Yr-Old Basketball Hacker-Genius

Everybody’s Doing the Flip

So there’s a Big Exciting Idea that’s been whizzing around the educational oxygen recently. It’s called “flipping the classroom.” Bill Gates is a fan; so is Nobel Prize winner Carl Wieman, an advisor to President Obama.
Here’s how it works: In regular classrooms the teacher stands at the front of the room and explains, the kids …