Month: March 2012

How to be Brave

I love this video because it shows something you rarely see: the anatomy of a courageous moment.
Improvement isn’t just about getting better — it’s also about getting braver. It’s about encountering thresholds, and taking big, scary steps across them; it’s about jumping into uncharted territory where you don’t know if you’re going to fly or …

The Real Lessons of the 10,000-Hour Rule

Okay, it’s happened: 10,000 hours is officially in the mainstream. Athletes, musicians, students, businesspeople are counting away, waiting for their practice odometer to tick over and — presto! — they’ll be world-class experts.
Sorry, but that ain’t how it works.
Why? Because when you count the hours, it’s easy to lose track of the real goal: finding ways …

How to Get Better? Be Like Evolution

I got an interesting note the other day from reader Will Newton from Toronto. He told me about a wildly addictive videogame called StarCraft.
If you want to get really good at StarCraft, you have to do the usual deep-practice stuff: put in the hours, focus like a laser on your mistakes, and mimic the best …

Who’s Your Posse?

Predicting individual success is an immensely tricky business, because we have such powerful instincts about how best to do it. We intuitively hunt for performance metrics — test scores, sprint times, sales numbers. And, very often, we’re wrong.

SAT scores? Only slightly related to academic success in college.
NFL combine? You might be better off picking randomly.
Military leadership …

Read This Book

For me, the best books are not the ones that come out of left field, dazzling you with their original genius.
No, the best books are ones that, the instant you read them, feel titanically obvious. The ones that take something right under your nose and show it to you in a way that makes the …