The Kid Who Loves Music


Ethan Walmark is six, he’s got autism, and he loves playing piano (he’s been learning by ear since he was tiny). Here, he plays one of his favorites: “Piano Man,” by Billy Joel. It’s worth a listen.

People talk about passion so often that it can sometimes feel like an abstraction. It’s nice to see a reminder what it looks like, and what it feels like.

(Not to mention where it can lead.)

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5 Responses to “The Kid Who Loves Music”

  1. Chad Larson says:

    That gave me an ear to ear smile the entire time … I don’t think a tear actually rolled down my cheek but they definitely welled up. Very inspiring and entertaining, thanks for sharing!

  2. Candice says:

    I love the way he is so engaged and the look of concentration or engagement when he is staring at the words or notes in front of him. Just beautiful! Passion ignites magic! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Philip Simmonds says:

    That made my month!

  4. Kevin says:

    It’s amazing how people with Autism seem to have one thing they are ignited about! It’s a great example of ignition!!

  5. Axel says:

    Hey Dan, i read your book and i constantly checking in on your blog.I loved this vid ! Im 17 and have a dream of being a professional football ( soccer player). i would like to share this vid with you: Its a FC Barcelona training session video. i would really like to hear your thoughts on it.

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