Month: May 2012

What Does Great Practice Feel Like?

What’s your best practice made of? Novak Djokovic, top-ranked player in the world, gives us  a peek at his recipe. (Click ahead to 1:05 for the best moments.)  It includes:

1) Smallness:  it focuses only on a few targeted qualities —  improving touch, agility, and the ability to disguise shots.
2) Intensity: full-effort reaching, clear results.
3) Game-ishness: …

How to Build Resilience

No matter what talent you’re building, resilience is a big factor; perhaps the factor. Defined as the ability to recover from adversity; resilience is the ultimate killer app because it allows us to adapt, to learn, to turn setbacks into progress.
The mystery is, where does it come from? How is it developed? And perhaps most …

Dept. of Multitasking

Because just completing a triathlon isn’t enough (apparently).

The New Report Card: Forget an “A,” Try for an “M”

How to Imagine More Effectively

We usually think of our imaginations as idea-fountains: wellsprings of creativity.
What’s interesting, though, is how often imagination is used by highly successful performers in their practice techniques. These people channel the fountain’s energy in a very particular way: they use their imagination to build a sensory template for the action they want to learn, speeding …

LBOT Preview: Meet Your Talented Illustrator

Good Books

I was flipping through The Art of Fielding the other day (which is super-great, and just out in paperback). It’s about a few seasons in the life of a small-college baseball team and its unlikely star, Henry Skrimshander.
I was struck by how accurately and beautifully author Chad Harbach depicts the way a person grows their …

Maurice Sendak (1928-2012) on the Big Stuff

I love this for a lot of reasons, especially for Sendak’s thoughts about the unmistakable feeling of doing good work at the 2-min mark. But really, the whole thing is worth watching.
“It’s sublime, to go into another room and make pictures. It’s magic time, where all your weaknesses of character, the blemishes of your personality, …

What Mastery Feels Like

Last night my lovely bride and I snuck out to the movies at Cleveland’s old Capitol Theater. Screen 1 showed a preview of the colossal whiz-bang new Avengers movie (we weren’t invited, naturally).
Screen 2, however, showed a movie about a real person with actual superpowers. His name is Jiro Ono, and he’s built himself into …

The Social Power of Sharing Mistakes

Much of the research about learning and the brain could be distilled into a few simple words:
Mistakes are good.  Struggle makes you smarter.
When it comes to applying this lesson to our lives, the problem is not with the science, but rather with our powerful natural aversion to mistakes and struggle.
Try as we might to convince …