Month: June 2012

Introducing Your Talent-Tip Hall of Fame

We just arrived in Alaska, where we’re spending a big chunk of the summer. So far, everything’s going well: family and friends are healthy, weather’s been solid, and during this morning’s coffee, we had an official welcoming committee: a newborn moose calf and its mother ambling through the backyard.
Speaking of arrivals, it’s exactly 10 weeks …

What’s Your Coaching-Thought?

One strategy I’ve always found useful is the “swing-thought.” The term originates with golf; it refers to focusing on a single idea as you swing the club.
For example, one swing-thought might be SMOOOOTH. Or ROLL WRISTS.  A good swing-thought works because it un-clutters the mind, clarifies focus, and captures the essence of your best performance.
Which …

My First Reader

One of the big moments for a new book happens about 90 days before publication, when the bound galleys arrive from the printer. Bound galleys are basically a paperback with a generic cover, designed to be sent around for early readers. They are the dress rehearsals of the book world: not perfect, but close enough …