Month: July 2012

LBOT Trailer #1

Here’s the first trailer for The Little Book of Talent, which is due out on August 21. (Update — we improved the audio — now it works!)
A few behind-the scenes-notes:

1) My office is not normally that clean.
2) We futzed a lot with the music. The early version had more of a mysterious, pingy soundtrack that …

How to Build Better Reflexes: Forget Speed and Focus on Information

What World-Class Practice Looks Like, Part 2

One of the beautiful things about great practice is how simple it is.
This is especially true with soft skills — those improvisatory skills of reading patterns and reacting instantly to them — which show up so often in team sports and the creative arts.
Check out this video of Barcelona (aka the world’s best soccer team …

How the Best Teachers Begin Their Lessons

Quick question for coaches and teachers: What’s the single most important moment of a lesson? Is it:

(A) the initial explanation of the skill being taught?
(B) the first couple tries?
(C) the moment things click, when the learner “gets it”?

I think the answer is (D) — None of the Above.
There’s a strong case to be made that the …

How to Fix a Slump

Ever see this diagram? (It’s from comedian Demetri Martin.)

I like this, because I think it’s true. From the outside, success looks like effortless progress; from the inside, we discover the journey is a lot more complicated. In fact, the most interesting part of the line is where it turns sharply downward, into one of those …