LBOT Trailer #1


Here’s the first trailer for The Little Book of Talent, which is due out on August 21. (Update — we improved the audio — now it works!)

A few behind-the scenes-notes:

  • 1) My office is not normally that clean.
  • 2) We futzed a lot with the music. The early version had more of a mysterious, pingy soundtrack that sounded like something from a mystery movie. Looking for something a bit warmer sounding, we changed it to this one. My brother Maurice says it sounds like I should be hosting an organic gardening show on NPR.
  • 3) Big thanks to videographer George Overpeck, Dave Stevenson, Ruby Levesque, Quinne Rogers, and my wife Jen for putting this together.

What do you think?


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11 Responses to “LBOT Trailer #1”

  1. Ross says:

    It is a great “teaser” and like what you preach simple and graphic.

    Well done.

  2. ihath says:

    The video is great, like the “football kissing the foot” part the most.

  3. Doc says:

    Message is great but the music continuing to play after you began speaking was a little annoying to me. Looking forward to reading the book.

  4. Wayne Jones says:

    I love the idea of visual images you mention in the trailer. I run marathons and one of the best pieces of advice I ever heard that I still repeat to myself is to “land your foot as if you’re painting a line down the middle of the road”. The imagery of a paintbrush bending and flexing and just touching the surface always resonated with me and it’s how I see the Kenyans run.

    Can’t wait to read the new book.

  5. Congrats, Dan. The trailer, concepts, and delivery strike me as superb. I also like the playfulness of the music – it fits nicely with the images you propose and evokes the playful attitudes that enhance engagement and learning. Looking forward to the book! Gerald

  6. djcoyle says:

    Thanks, Gerald — that means a lot, coming from you!

  7. Cheryl Garcia says:

    I can’t wait to read The Little Book of Talent, as I really enjoyed Talent Code and I’m interested on the angle you’ll present regarding imagery. I ride dressage and although imagery is often used successfully in lessons by many instructors, I’ve personally found it to be a block in learning rather than an aid. What works best for me is to approach it via another method- programming what we call “buzzwords” to the feel needed. As in:

    Maybe it’s simply six of one half dozen another, always fun to learn the why of what works!

  8. Jared Peters says:

    Just finished watching the 100 meter dash. You’re going to have to add Jamaica as one of those talent hotbeds. They had three of the eight fastest men in the world from an island no bigger than Conneticut.

  9. Congrats Daniel! Love the trailer and look forward to readng the new book later this month. Go myelin!

  10. Rod Roth says:

    Hey, that’s cool, Dan. My ski instructor used to tell me to pretend I’m spreading peanut butter on the hill with my skis as I made my turns so that my edge would be set smoothly. I haven’t skied for aeveral years, but the word picture is burned in mind. Looking forward to he book!

  11. djcoyle says:

    I love that. (And I’m going to steal it.)

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