Month: August 2012

The Secret Race

I’m excited to tell you that I’ve got a new book coming out next Wednesday, September 5.
It’s called The Secret Race, written with professional bike racer and former Olympic gold medalist Tyler Hamilton. It’s the full, honest story of his career at the top of the world’s toughest sport; it takes you inside the hidden …

New Video of Coaching Tip #42: Avoid Giving Long Speeches

Not sure about the eligibility rules for Academy Awards, but do you think I’ve got a shot?


LBOT: The Big Interview

With the new book arriving in stores today, I thought I’d mark the occasion in the traditional way: by doing an author Q&A, like you see on Jon Stewart or Piers Morgan. In this case, however, I’ve decided to do the interview with the savviest questioners I know: my four kids, ages 10-17.
Not to say that …