The Secret Race


I’m excited to tell you that I’ve got a new book coming out next Wednesday, September 5.

It’s called The Secret Race, written with professional bike racer and former Olympic gold medalist Tyler Hamilton. It’s the full, honest story of his career at the top of the world’s toughest sport; it takes you inside the hidden world of the U.S. Postal team and the Tour de France during the Lance Armstrong era.

Here’s what went into it: Two years of research. Two hundred hours of interviews with Hamilton. My independent verification of Hamilton’s account through numerous interviews with other riders, doctors, team assistants, wives, and friends. One weeklong trip to France, Spain, and Monaco to visit key locations.

It appears the book is already making news. If you want to read more, check out, or join the conversation at TSR’s facebook page. If you want to pre-order, click here

There’s a lot more to come.

I’m eager to hear what you think of it.

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11 Responses to “The Secret Race”

  1. Scott says:

    Can’t wait to read!

  2. Patrick McHugh says:

    Read a great review today about it. I ordered it for my Kindle. Amazon says I can’t get it until Sept. 18th. How come?

    By the way Tyler Hamilton — although misguided in his use of PED’s — has always seemed like a good guy.

  3. James says:

    Congrats on the new book! Keep up the good work.

  4. Rod Roth says:


    I admire you and everything you’ve written to date–including LANCE ARMSTRONG’S WAR, but I can’t see myself spending any more time on the sorry saga of doping in sports during the nineties. The whole thing was part of an era of excessive, win-at-all-costs self-seaking. It happened in sports, on Wall Street, and in politics. The cheaters are steadily discovering the futility of their smarmy behavior.

    I do understand that, as a journalist, you must tell this story, but I’m weary of it. I’ll stick to THE LITTLE BOOK OF TALENT, which Amazon tells me will be here in a couple of days. Hell of a lot more uplifting. Cheers, Rod

  5. djcoyle says:

    Hi Rod,
    I hear you. I was weary of it too (when I finished LA’s War, I was definitely content to see it in my rear-view mirror). But this story is different than you might expect. Dark, but with a surprisingly redemptive ending that’s all about the power of truth to change people’s lives. Corny, I know. But real. Best, D

  6. Rod Roth says:


    OK, I trust you. Sounds like a good yarn, too. I’ll get it. Thanks, R

  7. Ross says:

    I’m interested to understand why you appear to believe Tyler Hamilton, a proven and confessed liar, and not Lance Armstrong.
    Be well,

  8. AJ says:

    The Secret Race is a gripping story. Therein, I find Tyler Hamilton completely believable (as told) and he is plainly humble before the right size of truth. I tend to think that managing lies is not the same thing as telling the truth. And, Tyler Hamilton plainly gets that as evinced in the matter of fact telling in your collaborative book. It is easy to tell who does direct service to others in the example set in their lived life and experience as the years roll on; and, who needs the complicity of others to manufacture the sense of service — whether real or imagined. Tyler Hamilton serves others with the example of standing up and telling the truth in a hard story. Others have yet to catch up to him. But, they can.

  9. djcoyle says:

    Thanks, AJ — really appreciate that, and I couldn’t agree more. Judging by the Amazon reviews, you’re not alone —

  10. AJ says:

    I have read the Amazon reviews — at least many of them. The book is a “game changer” as at least one reviewer noted.

    The difference today between Tyler Hamilton and some other folks who have raced bicycles through the US and Europe in the 1990’s and through into the mid-2000’s or so, is that Tyler Hamilton is standing up and telling the story of his experience. It is a gritty story of loss in the attempt to win. Others have stood up as well — Mr. Landis, for example; and still others seem caught to this day in the shrink wrap of denial. Dope is itself a denier of the authentic truth of the race experience on any given day; and when the days string together the dope/denier effect has a communicable disease effect. Until it stops.

    I was wildly underwhelmed but not surprised to hear how lawyers and lobbyists and regulators and politicians have taken up the cause of non-truth telling in the story of doping and bicycles. There is plainly more story of greed, corruption and complicity there.

    The actual disease process (untruth) is systemic but it is carried by those who fear the truth and point fingers at the same time — and pay for cover as though cover were the dope itself. And, maybe it is. Thanks Dan and say thanks to Mr. Hamilton. The truth moves at the speed of self. But it moves.

  11. Tom Bogen says:

    Congrats on the book(s). Just recently picked up the Little Book and then last week heard your(with Tyler) interview on Only A Game. Started on The Secret Race instead. Interesting juxtaposition with LBoT. Doping to enhance talent and then developing the talent to dope(and deny). Looking forward to reading it.

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