Yep, It’s a Video of Some Dogs Learning to Drive a Car


So a bunch of New Zealand animal trainers decided to fulfill the longstanding national dream of teaching a dog how to drive a car.

Then, over seven weeks, using an intensive and tedious practice program based on chunked learning and repetition, they actually did. (The Mini Cooper is a nice touch.) If you want more, here’s a longer version of the video.

All of which goes to prove:

  • 1) Kiwis are kinda nuts.
  • 2) Intensive chunking and repetition are more powerful forces than we think. (After all, when it comes to learning, dogs’ brains are not that different from ours.)
  • 3) Tediousness is vastly underrated
  • 4) Still, Kiwis are kinda nuts.

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4 Responses to “Yep, It’s a Video of Some Dogs Learning to Drive a Car”

  1. Brillant, the possibility of thinking and not knowing what can’t be done, it’s a great NZ trait.

  2. Doc says:

    I have a friend who taught her Australian Shepherd to get her a beer out of the fridge. How long before we have dogs driving under the influence. And I don’t even want to think about them learning to talk on a cell phone.

  3. Peter Conrad says:

    This is a great demonstration of how learning builds over time. If a dog can learn how to drive, then we can assume learning is a common attribute for sentient creatures. That being the case, anyone who says they cannot do something that other people can commonly do is . . . ahem . . . barking up the wrong tree.

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