Month: January 2013

Eloquence is Overrated: Why You Should Teach Like You Tweet

Avoiding the Helpfulness Trap: Why Parents Shouldn’t Help Their Kids Too Much

One of the hardest things about parenting is avoiding the Helpfulness Trap: the temptingly wrong idea that parents should assist their kids through their struggles: i.e. speedily intervening when they show frustration, smoothing over rough patches.
While there’s lots of solid thinking on the problems with parental over-helpfulness (my favorite is Blessings of the Skinned Knee, …

The Agility Loop

We love agility — that telltale combination of speed and nimbleness that marks great performers — not just because it’s beautiful, but also because it’s useful.
Quick thought experiment: Go find the best chess player in your area. Offer to bet them $100 on a game if they’ll play you under the following conditions:

1) you give …

“The World Sends Us Garbage. We Send Back Music.”

How to Get Better Feedback

Question: Who is the fastest learner in the world?
That is, if there was a magical machine that could accurately measure the learning speed of every person on the planet — every writer, musician, math student, chess player, artist, and athlete — who would come out on top?
My answer: a kid learning to skateboard.
You’ve seen it …