Warning: This Video May Be Addictive


A couple days ago, a reader named Casey Wheel sent me a link to this conversation between Jack White and Conan O’Brien. I clicked, figuring I’d watch a couple minutes.

Uh, wrong.

An hour later, I’m still watching. And taking notes. And rewinding.

Consider that your warning. This is two craftsmen at the top of their games, trading tips and ideas — on the underrated role of hard work, on how upholstering is like making music, and on why Bob Dylan enjoys welding. It’s wonderful.

(Besides, it’s the weekend. What else were you going to do?)

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5 Responses to “Warning: This Video May Be Addictive”

  1. Great clip and you could study it for hours.

    The interesting things is both Jack and Conan have developed a succeeding mindset. Though they don’t say it, it’s all through the conversion from go to whoa in everything they talk about.

    Thanks Casey for bringing the clip to Dans attention and thanks Dan for posting it up. Off to do more study.


  2. Ryan Hockman says:

    Thank you, Dan. Enjoyed it. It’s like listening to Nick Saban describe “The Process”.

    The part about useful anger and anxiety is my favorite. Anger and anxiety are emotional reactions to the struggle, not to be discarded or suppressed by society. It reminds of the interview with the Harbaugh family where Jim’s PE teacher called Jack to let him know that Jim was too competitive.

  3. Alex says:

    I think I’m going to give you some feedback and rate this post. 5 stars!

    Not clapping just because it’s you either :D.

  4. Sonya says:

    Can’t watch from Australia. 🙁

  5. Thorlakur Arnason says:

    Wish we could have more stuff like that. Feeds my brain for the next weeks..

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