Month: May 2013

The Big Bet

About a week from now, I will make a phone call to London and place a large bet. In fact this bet will be, by far, the biggest bet I’ve ever placed — around $1,500.
There are only three rules: 1) I have to bet it all; 2) I can bet on any sport; 3) I’m …

The Vastly Underrated Importance of Goofy Little Games

The Most Important Moment of Practice

Question: What’s the most important part of a practice session?

A) Start
B) Finish
C) Middle

Before you answer, consider the following story:
A few years ago, students at New Dorp School of Staten Island, NY, were struggling. Test scores were down, dropouts were up. School leaders tried a variety of methods — new technology, new teachers, new programs, you …

The Little Team

Once upon a time, there was a soccer team. They were very small, and very young, and not very skilled. All the other teams were bigger and faster, and scored more goals.
A lot more goals.
Two hundred and seventy-one goals in one season, to be precise.
But here’s the mysterious and wonderful thing: the little team still …

How to Be Lazy: 30 Rules for High-Performance Loafing

Are These Parents Terrible or Brilliant?

I have to confess, I’ve watched this video five times and I’m still not sure what to think of it.
On one hand: these parents are completely nuts. Little dude is only seven months old! Why not wait until he’s shown an interest? Or at least until he can, you know, walk?
On the other: presuming it’s …

Want to Learn Faster? Subtract the Teacher