Month: June 2013

The Soft-Skills Revolution

Remember back ten years ago when big data and Moneyball analytics changed the sports world?
Consider this your official heads-up, because that kind of disruption is about to happen in business, sales, teaching, and other domains built on soft skills. And it might be because of this little device.
Meet the sociometer. It might look boring, but it …

How Great Teachers See

Talent identification is the holy grail of sports, business, parenting, and education. We dream of having the magical ability to quickly and accurately assess who is destined to succeed; to sort the contenders from the pretenders.
Funny thing is, there was once a clever scientist who figured out how to do just that.
His name was Dov …

Forget 10,000 Hours — Instead, Aim for 10 Minutes

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been nearly five years since the 10,000-Hour Rule went mainstream. Last week, as if to officially mark the anniversary, more than three hundred coaches, players, general managers, and talent-development experts from around the world gathered at the Leaders in Performance conference in New York. Among this crowd, you might …