Month: December 2013

How to Make Better Mistakes

You’re probably familiar with the following mantras:
Mistakes are beautiful.
Fail fast and often.
Errors are opportunities. 
All of these are basically true. But the real question isn’t whether mistakes are valuable. The real question is, how do we tap into that value? How do we take better advantage of our mistakes?
A while back, a Harvard business professor named …

How to Design Engagement (and Avoid the Problem of Empty-Calorie Fun)

The Simple Phrase that Increases Effort 40%

The Best Kind of Coach

Every day, in every profession, we hear people celebrated as “great coaches.” And it’s mostly true. The worlds of sports, education, and business are brimming with legions of talented, remarkable coaches — perhaps more than at any other time in history.
But here’s the question: what does being a great coach really mean? Is it a …