Month: April 2014

Talent ID 2.0: Stop Measuring Performance, and Start Testing Temperament

3 Simple Things Great Teachers Do

Quick: take a moment to think about the single greatest teacher you ever had. Someone who inspired you, engaged you, and maybe even changed the trajectory of your life.
Perhaps it’s a coach, maybe a high-school teacher, maybe a relative — it doesn’t matter.
Now picture their face.
(Got it?)
When you think about that person, which of the …

How to Be More Creative (Step #1: Buy This Pixar Book)

I love the Singular Genius model of creativity. You know, the worldview that believes creativity comes from one-in-a-million individuals like Beethoven, Faulkner,  Edison, and Steve Jobs, who remake the world because they think different.
I love the Singular Genius model because it’s fantastically compelling and dramatic.
But the singular-genius model has a problem. Two problems, actually.
Problem #1: …