Month: May 2014

Your Official, Unapproved Summer Reading List

10 Ways to Spot Great Teachers (and Avoid Crummy Ones)

How to Learn Like a Baby

It might be the most common piece of advice in the history of the world. You hear it whenever you’re learning something new. Just three words:
Take baby steps.
The most common interpretation of this is: Go small. Be safe. Don’t take big risks. 
There’s just one problem with this interpretation: it’s wrong.
Because we are not built to learn …

3 Rules of Stupidly Great Practice

I love practice calendars.
I love the clean, organized, hopeful look of them. I love the sense of steady progress and accomplishment that they radiate.
I love calendars even though I know they’re lying.
Because despite what calendars imply, progress is never steady or predictable. In fact, it’s the opposite. It’s uneven. You go from struggling with a …