Before Your Next Practice Session, Watch This


There are lots of cool videos out there on the power of effective practice. But this might be one of the best — especially to show learners before a session.

It’s by Annie Bosler and Don Greene, and animated by Martina Mestrovic. And it’s awesome.

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7 Responses to “Before Your Next Practice Session, Watch This”

  1. Greg coleman says:

    This so good. I have told my g kid athletes about proper practice and myelin s role .
    But this illustrates it so well thank you

  2. Robert Johansson says:

    same assumption about deep deliberate practice, not really how it works actually.

  3. Rick says:

    Would love to see a citation for the basketball “study.” Often referred to, but is pop science at best without primary research support.

  4. djcoyle says:

    Thanks — I’d like to see a citation too! If you happen to find anything, please feel free to share it.
    Here’s a related story on basketball visualization — — it’s not a study, but it’s an interesting case study of using virtual reality to increase awareness and performance.

  5. Kj says:

    Great Video,
    just how do you convince someone who held the ”natural talent” myth of this proven science.

  6. I shared the video with my 16, 12 and 11 year olds, it has totally changed the way they think. I have been telling them that they can achieve anything, but this was a huge confirmation.

  7. djcoyle says:

    That is awesome to hear — thanks for sharing that!

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