Daniel Coyle at PopTech

PopTech 2009: Daniel Coyle of The Talent Code from PopTech on Vimeo.

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3 Responses to “Daniel Coyle at PopTech”

  1. Philip simmonds says:

    when they get around 2,500 and they start to get early results there practice becomes stronger and stronger, in my experience 500- 2,500 are the hardest hours to complete. great stuff Daniel.

  2. James says:


    (criticism alert)

    I don’t know how I’d feel if I hired you to speak and you only told stories from the book. Its kind of lame, actually. You have got to add the inside scoop, some new info. Also the stand and deliver method of lecturing is dead and boring. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big booster of your work. I love your books and your website rocks.

    If you are intending to take your stuff on the road I highly recommend Train the Trainer by Peak Potentials. The techniques, once mastered, are highly engaging and effective. They teach you how to use simple drawings, exercises and questions to involve the audience and to break up talk into powerful smaller sections. It also takes a lot of the focus off the trainer and puts it onto the participants.

    You can usually get a deal on the course at a Millionaire Mind Intensive.

    Here is a link to a pair of free tickets

  3. James says:

    Another thing they’d teach at Train the Trainer is how to set up a room to create the highest energy. (hint: It’s NOT one guy in the middle of a circle.)

    Below is a calendar of the upcoming seminars. I do hope you go. If you can, take your wife so you can share the energy.

    Clearly, teaching what you learned in search of the Talent Code is your mission. You know it so well. I swear, if you nail this stuff at Train the Trainer)you are going to kick butt. I’d LOVE to see that. Your message is important.


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