Chapter 9: The Master-Teaching Circuit: A Blueprint

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4 Responses to “Chapter 9: The Master-Teaching Circuit: A Blueprint”

  1. Gretchen Sleeth says:

    Came to this booksite as Joe Vitale mentioned on Twitter how much it influenced him recently. I read the first chapter and was blown away. I was hoping it was on Kindle as I can change the print size. I’m happy to say I just downloaded it and will continue to read. Thanks for putting it on Kindle. And thanks for a great read.

  2. Share Ross says:

    I found you by stumbling thru various sites and somehow ended up here. Awesome book. I too will get it on Kindle so I can read it on my device at my leisure.

  3. djcoyle says:

    Thanks! Where would we be without stumbling? Best, Dan

  4. Abdoul says:

    Dear Dan,
    I have enrolled into an English course offered by Duke University via Coursera in the last 2 weeks. Part of the weekly assignment, we are asked to read Chapter 1 the Sweet Spot. I never heard of about your book, while reading I felt like travelling back in time through my personal struggle from school years, joining briefly the army, migrating to several countries along the way, starting university at 24 and so many more adventure. I was not a prodigy at school, I struggled up to high school not because I was less intelligent but I did not have great support from family, teachers and I never hit the sweet spot. I was born happy, I have always been a popular kid and still am, so no issue with attitude, great will power, I have a great outgoing personality and liked by colleagues wherever I go.

    I always wanted to go places, have a better life than my parents, discover the world but with no financial backing, no good academic report, no bright future at 20 back home in ( Somalia/Djibouti) the future looked bleak. All I had was a burning motivation, strong will power to have a better life than give up and do nothing staying in my country. I visualise myself having a better life, graduating from a European university, working for top American companies, this was my ignition or fire burning internally that kept me on the edge to work out a plan to travel overseas. I could not afford to study nor travel to Europe on a visit visa since i had no means to satisfy visa requirements. I hit the sweet spot when I asked myself why not join the French Foreign Legion ( this French army was established only for foreign nationals) a 1 way ticket to the unknown. I discussed with my elder sister about my plan since I need her support to convince my dad to let me go. When I mentioned French Foreign Legion, she visualise death, war, no return, she said no way you are going to be a French mercenary, no way for her to tell my dad my exit plan. For 12 months I hassled my sister, i came up with all sort of human reasoning and emotional talk, during this 12 months my skills of arguing my case became better day after day since I educated myself what is like to be a French Foreign Legion. I told my sister I, you nor dad can’t stop death no matter where i am or go in this world, i said no matter what, things will happen to me that we have no control so please let me go. My sister finally gave up, she convinced my dad, they worked the money for my ticket and visa to travel to France to join. At 21, I landed in Paris with $ 300 in my pocket, strong determination, fear of the unknown, excitement of a better life and within 24 hours i went to the recruitment centre in Marseille, south of France. I weighted only 45 kg at the time but i was fit since I was a soccer fanatics.
    I was the weakest one in the recruitment centre in term of physical strength but mentally i was on fire and treated this opportunity as my exit ticket to a better life. I experienced my first struggle or low, they could not find a uniform of my size, the pants was too big, the top was the same, the shoes were heavy and so much drama, During this time, the officer in charge was having fun but on the same time will reassure me that i was brave and he respected my courage to even try to join. At uniform was tailored to my size, took part of daily training at 5:00 am but after 3 months I was released from duty since I was struggling physically to perform heavy duty work and asked to put on weight and come back after a year. When I was told this news my whole world was shattered, my heart has stopped for a moment, traveled through time back home to my sister advise, dad and etc… Within 2 hours, I mentally picked up myself, replay all the dream i had and suddenly i had the ignition on fire again. Within 7 days i was released from the French Foreign Legion, I was given one thousand French Franc at the time , equivalent of $ 600 dollar. I called my sister back home, explained the bad news but in contrary she was happy that I finally left the army, she told my dad too who was also very happy to hear that his youngest kid is now safe and will not go to war.

    I asked my sister to find an old friend from home who left for France to study and in the meantime i booked myself into a cheap Hotel. Within 3 days my sister managed to get my friend contact details in West of France. I travelled from South of France to West of France to stay my friend. My friend was happy to receive me, he could not believe the adventure i went through to leave back home. Since I did not have a student visa to stay in France. I said to my friend i need to move and not prepared to go back home. I asked my sister to the family collectively for money so i can at least enroll myself at High School so I can get the student visa. My whole purpose was to make my case legal in France so I can explore my options for the next adventure. I managed to get the student visa permit and within 4 months applied for a British visa to go to London since i had friends from back home leaving as refugees there. I went to London to become an Asylum Seeker or Refugee. I took this risk since back home Djibouti was still a safe country. I did not speak a word of English and one of my Somali friend advised against applying for Asylum since the Country I was from was safe. I said to him I am willing to take my chances and I am ready to face deportation if this is the last resort. Within 3 weeks my friend took me to the Bristish Immigration Office and applied for Asylum. I was interviewed via an interpreter while my friend wished me good luck for any eventual action. After being interviewed for 2 hours, my passport was taken, given a six months visa while the immigration department continue their investigation into my case. My friend was happy and surprised to see me come out for the building. Again the risk of the unknown has paid off. I don’t want to bore you anymore and to wrap it all, i enrolled myself into an Adult Learning Centre to learn English. I went to back to basics but worked hard to move faster, within 2 years, i started uni and in all within 6 years i graduated with a Degree in Information Technology and French Language. I then worked for IBM in Scotland, moved to Saudi Arabia while working for IBM then joined another American company, briefly worked in the US and lives and work in Australia, married with 2 kids. In all you need that ignition to push the boundaries against all odd. I really appreciate reading chapter 1, i enjoyed and i hope in sharing my story will help someone somewhere.

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