Growing Skill: How It Feels

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10 Responses to “Growing Skill: How It Feels”

  1. Joshua says:

    Actually it worked the other way around for me. I got a lot of things right where the pictures werefully shown. Then again, I’m not like most people :P

    But yes, it is true. When you create an image, you retain the information better.

  2. RV says:

    Recall is something that has always been something of a problem for me. My short term memory is really good, which is one reason why I think I as well as I did in this (9 correct) test.

    Also, on the first screen I looked at the pictures first and then I made a switch and decided to look at the words themselves. After makeing that decision, I didn’t look at the pictures with the intent of memorizing them. I did notice the blanks, which confused me a bit at first. But I don;t think I payed my attention to them.

    So, I’m not sure I did any “deep practice” here.

    I am reading the book. I enjoyed the deep practice section. The “ingnition” part I’m still thinking about. In fact I ended up skipping quite a bit of it (which might explain why I didn’t get it…just didn’t resonate with me. I will go back and re-read that section). I am very intrigued by the “Master Coaching” section.

    Overall, I really like the book and it does explain a number of my own short comings in the way I studied when I was in school and college.

    Daniel, if you ever do another book and need a person, or people to study who have not studied “well” in school, but who have landed some pretty good jobs, please do contact me. I’m always baffled when I see where I am today and look back at what I did when I was in school.


  3. Adam says:

    Ditto for volunteering my brain too! I have had awful study habits but always find a way to make things work for me. Interesting point is I did better on the testing without the partial breakups and blank spaces on the word rememberance.

  4. Laura says:

    I started off a bit shakily, then got the hang of deep practicing and got 10 correct!

  5. Nicki says:

    The opposite thing happened for me. In the first game I got all the pictures I could either completely or partially see, and in the second game I got all of the words that were complete and only one pair that wasn’t.

  6. William says:

    Like the other commenters, I had the opposite outcome from your prediction. Pictures were easy, 100% recall in repeated trials.

    Words were difficult, below 50% recall. I was unable to form a mental picture of a word before it disappeared, so it was never committed to memory.

  7. djcoyle says:

    Thanks, Jasper — I really appreciate the feedback. Based on it, we’ll look at a redesign — because I don’t think you’re alone here.

  8. James says:

    I got 9 out of 10 on the first try.

    I ignored the pictures and focused on the words, which helped! When I realized the pictures were going to be inconsistent, with blanks, that gave me a big clue to ignore the pictures, because if they’re not consistent, why should I pay attention to them?

  9. Mavry says:

    It was quite easy. And on the “Aha” I could only remember 3 and they were the ones with the missing letter.

  10. Andrew Smith says:

    I consider my memory to be one of my biggest weaknesses. Interestingly, in the word pair quiz, I did not catch that there were missing letters until I read the explanation at the end. Curious what that implies!

    (My results were opposite the norm on the visual quiz. I did substantially better when the complete image was shown.)

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