Copying the Hotbeds

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2 Responses to “Copying the Hotbeds”

  1. Jocelyn Shiro-Westphal says:

    Fantastic, Dan!! The website is great….watched all the video clips; loved golf in the library, especially at the end! Will share this website with all of our friends and family, and we bought our own personal copy of the book. Best wishes with it all; we’re sure it’ll be a huge success.


  2. Philip simmonds says:

    The people that are not willing to do the hard work and copy the talent factories are to focused on instant gratification, 10.000 hours is a lot of work!Loved the book, bought two, one for reading and one for notes,(that one looks like a doodle pad),thought you might find this article interesting.. Keep on blazing that beautiful trail

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